National Water Act (1998) 

Spatial Data Infrastructure Act (Act 54 of 2003)

Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act (CARA) (Act 43 of 1983)

Irrigation Strategy of South Africa (2015)

National Water Conservation and Demand Management Strategy (2007)

National Water Resources Strategy Second Edition (NWRS2) (2013)

National Water Security Framework for South Africa (NWSFSA): Summary, Principles, and Recommendations (2020)

National Water Policy White Paper (1997)

National Water Resource Strategy First Edition (NWRS1) (2004)

National Water Policy Review: Water Policy Positions (2013)

Water Services Act (Act 108 of 1997)

Water Research Act (Act 34 of 1971)

National Water and Sanitation Master Plant Volume 1: Call to Action (2018)