WRO documentation

The aim of this project is to:

Project reports

All WRC porject deliverabls are available on request (vanderlaanm@arc.agric.za)

Various WRO 'living' policy documents - available on request (vanderlaanm@arc.agric.za)

Important documents on big data and cloud platforms

Draft National Policy on Data and Cloud


Reference Group inaugural meeting (5 August 2021) 



Metadata resources

SANS 1878 (ISO 19115) Geospatial Metadata Standard

Dublin core, schema.org - generalised standards

Simple Darwin core - useful for detailing biodiversity 

Data Document Initiative (DDI) - social science data

SANS 1877 Unique ID Standard

SANS 1876 (ISO 19110) SAGDaD (South African Geographical Data Dictionary)

SANS 1880 SAGDad feature content catalogue (compliant with ISO 19110) (80 Feature types, 29 Attributes per feature)

ISO 19156:2011  Geographic information — Observations and measurements

Geospatial Metadata (wikipedia)